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4.45 ct Natural Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj) Premium Range

Weight : 4.45 ct.

Rate / Carat : 10520 /ct.

Total : 46814


SKU: YS-630

Rate / Carat: 10520.00

L X B X H: 9.63 X 7.51 X 6.19

Color: Dark Yellow

  • Yellow Sapphire is known to be the one of the most powerful Gemstones with low percenatge of negative effects. Yellow sapphire is also known as Pukhraj, Puskharaj, Guru, etc. This is normally light yellow in color but you can find different shades like dark yellow, white color, pale yellow color, yellowish-orange color.

  • The Gem is a solution to almost of the problems of your life. 

  • Wearing Yellow Sapphire may result higher financial conditions, better health, name, fame, honor, etc. 

  • Facing obstacles in finding lifepartner, it is believed that wearing yellow sapphire may get you married early.  It improves eye-vision, protects from poverty, removes misfortune. In diseases, Yellow sapphire cures heart trobules, pain in knees, gastritics. 

For the best result prefer laboratory tested / certified gemstones. Get in touch with our experts / gems consulation to know more about yellow sapphire.

Note: Consult astologer before wearing any gemstones. ( wearing gemstones without consultation may result into negative effects. )

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